Benjamin Shapiro

Founder, President, CEO


Benjamin's education and experience are in both, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering.  In both fields, he was always a strong proponent of not wasting energy - intellectual energy in computing and kinetic energy in automobiles.

His motto applicable to both of these two fields is "wasting energy is wrong".  Furthermore, when such wasting energy affects the planet's survival, such wasting energy becomes a crime.


Benjamin Shapiro received his education from the High Naval Military Engineering Institute (During the "Cold War" when the US and Israel were called there as the "enemies of Russia", Ben has chosen a punishment by added service in the coldest place vs. becoming a military Naval officer)  and Electro-Technical University (LETI), both in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Benjamin’s experience in the field accounts for approximately 27 years as a computer software programmer, programming consultant, and founder of Thinking Software, Inc. Ben is the author of a number of US and International patents in the fields of computer engineering and mechanical engineering. He is a founder of the Software Understanding Machine® (SUM) and ReWheel technologies, both of which will soon have a life of its own with perpetually increasing, never exhausted potential.

Benjamin is a member of the Advisory Board, Lifeboat Foundation (https://lifeboat.com/ex/bios.benjamin.shapiro)


Benjamin Shapiro (left)unnamed[2]

High Naval Cadet Engineering Military Academy.

(St. Petersburg, Russia)


Roman Shapiro

Founder, CTO


Roman Shapiro received his engineering degree from the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP), St. Petersburg, Russia, and the North-West State Technical University (NWTU) St. Petersburg, Russia.

Roman has 20 years of experience in the computing field, which includes his experience as a software programmer, VP of Product Engineering, and then CTO at Thinking Software, Inc.

Roman is responsible for the most technologically advanced functional implementations of Software Understanding Machine® (SUM). He is responsible for the design and implementation of the electronic control components of ReWheel.



While at the State University of

Aerospace Instrumentation


Roman was also climbing mountains



Roman Shapiro (left) & Benjamin Shapiro (right)

Like some other great companies, we have also started in a garage

(United States)

Our children understand that the fight against the Climate Change is the fight for the future of their children, and grand-children  ... the fight for our planet and everyone on it.

Gabriel Shapiro

VP, Marketing

The younger addition to this venture represents exactly the kind of young entrepreneurs that have a habit of changing our world for the better.

Abigail Shapiro

VP, Social Media

They are set on making ReWheel Inc. a worldwide corporation that will grow by bringing in an army of partners from around the world.