Weather extremes, fossil fuel pollution cost US $240 billion: study

“The evidence is undeniable: the more fossil fuels we burn, the faster the climate continues to change,”

“Costs to human health from air pollution caused by fossil fuels averaged $188 billion a year over the past decade, it estimated, while losses from weather extremes such as droughts, heat waves and floods averaged $52 billion.”

“the $240 billion costs, equivalent to 1.2 percent of U.S. gross domestic product”

“The combined cost of extreme weather and pollution from fossil fuels would climb to $360 billion a year in the next decade, the study said.”

How much air pollution comes from cars?


“According to the EPA, motor vehicles collectively cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S.”


“The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) estimates that on-road vehicles cause one-third of the air pollution that produces smog in the U.S., and transportation causes 27 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Climate Change Investing: The Greatest Opportunity In History


“So, what can we do? Is civilization doomed? My answer is “Absolutely not!”

The issues pointed out in Limits to Growth and backed up by subsequent experimental results offers humanity the kind of opportunity that exceeds any economic potential ever experienced in the historical record.”

“Complacent optimism is the feeling of a child waiting for presents. Conditional optimism is the feeling of a child who is thinking about building a treehouse. “If I get some wood and nails and persuade some other kids to help do the work, we can end up with something really cool.

Think of the fortunes made during the Industrial Revolution – fortunes that exist even to the present day”

The Simplest Explanation of Global Warming Ever

The Simplest Explanation of Global Warming Ever

Earth energy budget diagram, with incoming and outgoing radiation (values are shown in W/m^2). Satellite instruments (CERES) measure the reflected solar, and emitted infrared radiation fluxes. The energy balance determines Earth’s climate.


Global Warming : NASA : Temperature Map

Youtube video by NASA: global warming : 

Global warming


NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

NASA: Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Canada is warming at twice the global rate, report says

New York Magazine … See Only If You Have Strong Nervous System … “Worst Case Scenarios ! The Uninhabitable Earth” … Annotated Edition – The facts, research, and science behind the climate-change – article that explored our planet’s worst-case scenarios.

Climate Strike Demonstration. San Francisco, 5/24/2019
“WAKE UP” Students All Over The World Demonstrating on 5/24/2019
Climate Strike Demonstration, NY, 5/24/2019
Why Should We Go To School, If You Do Not Listen To The Educated?
(from Russian) “Global Warming is Starvation, Wars, and Death”
Students Around the World, Climate Strike, 5/24/2019

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The general message is :”If You Do Not Act As Adults, We Will”