— By Ash Jurberg —

An update of an article first published in Medium – Entrepreneur’s Handbook.




Ben Shapiro emigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1979 — the same year as the family of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. This is not the first time that Google intersects with Ben Shapiro’s story.

While Ben was settling into the United States, his younger Roman was left behind. Ben spent much of the next nine years petitioning various US government officials to press the Soviet government to allow Roman to leave Russia.

Finally, in 1988, he successfully lobbied 33 US senators and was able to add Roman’s name to a list of families that President Ronald Regan was handing to Mikhail Gorbachev, demanding for these families’ freedom to emigrate.

It was the first of many powerful connections that Ben made.

The first business

After reuniting in the U.S., the Shapiro brothers started their first business, Thinking Software Inc (TSI) — as seems to be the standard for many tech companies, in a garage. They used their engineering and I.T. skills to develop a dynamic code analyzer of Software Understanding Machine (SUM).

This product proved to be of interest to IBM, and the brothers were invited by the Director of IBM’s Software R&D, Daniel Sabbah, to present it at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, in upstate New York.

The demonstration was successful, and TSI was then invited to the IBM Center in Silicon Valley. At this presentation, the head of the IBM Santa Teresa Lab, Michael Wheatley, told them, “I see presentations every day of the week, and you are ahead of all of them.”

Feedback such as this from a person of influence at IBM would normally unlock the door to product distribution and sales, but despite several more meetings with IBM, nothing eventuated.

It was a lesson to the brothers that the path to success is difficult, even with a high-quality product and positive industry feedback.

Persistence pays off

Several years passed before word of Thinking Software filtered through to Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Impressed by the possibilities of the software, McNealy passed the information on to a man named James Gosling.

Anyone involved in I.T. or coding will be familiar with James Gosling. Gosling is known as the Father of Java and is revered in the world of programming.

After seeing a high-level PowerPoint presentation of Software Understanding Machine® (SUM) functionality, Gosling called it “the Holy Grail of Software.”

This is like Warren Buffett telling someone they have come up with the Holy Grail of investing.

However, it was the next connection that accelerated the prospects of Thinking Software, Inc.  That was when Ben took an independent contractor engagement at Google.

The Google connection

At the time, Peter Norvig was an R&D director at Google.

Peter Norvig is another big name within the industry, having authored the most popular textbook in the field of A. I — Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

After seeing Peter’s article on a wall with the words: “All of humanity is working for us. We only have to decipher it”, Ben has immediately seen an absolute parallel between Peter’s vision of Google’s business model and the vision and the business model of TSI.

Every new Line of Code by world programmers adds to the business potential of TSI’s Software Understanding Machine® in absolutely the same way, as any new statement published on the Internet adds to a business of Google (and also as every new vehicle on the road is adding a business potential to ReWheel).

When Ben bumped into Peter Norvig at a conference room, Ben approached Peter.

Like others before him, Peter was impressed by the software, but unlike the others, he took this further. Peter organized a presentation of the software to Google, resulting in TSI’s first large revenue — a $100,000 check from Google.

Later Peter joined the advisory board of Thinking Software Inc (TSI).

Google’s involvement kickstarted a round of capital raising that led to $1 million being injected into Thinking Software. This makes for another interesting connection between the brothers and the founders of Google.

Google started with a $100,000 check given to Sergey Brin and Larry Page by Andy Bechtolsheim, another co-founder of Sun Microsystems. And thanks to that investment, Google’s next investment was also $1 million.

While not hitting the heights of Google, Thinking Software has become a revenue generating business.

But the Shapiro brothers had bigger plans —they had to reinvent the wheel.

More than cavemen

In 2017, Ben and Roman founded ReWheel.

They realized that this, yet another vision, is so extremely timely, that it cannot be delayed.

The brothers had developed the Reusable Energy Wheel, which they believe will revolutionize the car industry while at the same time will help save the planet.

ReWheel converts the kinetic energy of moving automobiles during braking into potential energy and then uses that energy to power the cars forward again.

This process saves a lot of energy, reducing the gas needed by the traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), vehicle, and carbon released into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Importantly the ReWheel is not electrical in nature — but is hydraulic. Being implemented directly on a wheel – and most vehicles have wheels – it does not require re-engineering of the powertrain.  That makes it immediately applicable to any of the 2 billion vehicles on the road, including electric vehicles — making it a long-term value proposition as people globally switch to electric cars.

The case of EVs and CO2 is not different.

EVs are also responsible for an additional CO2 production when the required for the EVs electricity is produced by the Fossil Fuel powered Electricity Generation Power Plants.

Until the time when all electricity generation becomes Green (Sun, Wind, Hydropower Plants ), less electrical power requirement by EVs will result in less of this secondary CO2 pollution.

But even at a time when all electricity generation will become completely Green, ReWheel will still bring down the amount of the energy needed for EVs, thus saving on the necessary infrastructure.

The first U.S. patent was granted in 2019, with a second patent granted in 2020. As of today, a patent on ReWheel technology is also issued in China — the world’s biggest auto market, and also the country with the largest air pollution.

In addition, patents are expected to be granted in Japan, Europe, and Canada.

There was an initial raising of seed funds for ReWheel so they could build their prototype. They raised a modest amount of funds allowing them to create the first version of ReWheel.

Now it is time for the next stage.

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

ReWheel Inc is about to launch a global  Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. It is presently at the stage of Testing the Waters with non-binding reservations being accepted.

The technology behind ReWheel is exciting and has the ability to change the world – and there is an opportunity for you to be part of it.  ReWheel Inc is looking to raise enough investment to build the production version of the ReWheel device and get that product to market.

But that is not all. ReWheel Inc is expecting to cause a movement, where upgrading vehicles with ReWheel devices will become as popular, and as much promoted by the world governments, as it is now done for upgrading vehicles to EVs.

And this is why:  In 1988 Ben was able to get help from 33 senators and President Reagan to free his brother from the ex. Soviet Union. https://rewheel.us/where-from/ And now, when it is not about freeing one family, but about freeing everyone on the planet – freeing from excessive spending on energy, from excessive need of energy, and from excessive pollution – they can do no less.  ReWheel has already secured support of one of the Offices of US Congress. And that is only the beginning.

Not only will investors have the opportunity to be rewarded financially, but they will also be doing something very positive for the planet.

For more information on how to become part of the future, please check out the ReWheel Equity Crowdfunding Page.