Made in the US.  US Lead in the Fight Against Climate Change.

New Jobs Creation – Jobs helping our planet to fight Climate Change

What we already have:

  • US patents issued

  • International patents pending

What we are looking forward to:

  • ReWheel factories

  • ReWheel enabling auto shops for existing on-the-road vehicles.

Considering that:

  • While helping our planet, the automobile drivers will save on Gas and Electricity;

  • Considering that combustion engine automobiles are staying with us for a long time, much past 2050, when the fight for climate change must be already won;

  • Also considering that this is much less expensive and much safer than building a “nuclear-fusion reactor having  a price tag of $22 billion”       (picture on the right)

Consider two different methods of obtaining a Clean-Energy:

Reusing Kinetic Energy within the system of automobiles via Rewheel (on the left) would require building fewer Nuclear Reactors (on the right)

The Nuclear Reactor In The Sky – the Sun, the natural weather effects – the wind and the rain – provide for what we need.

ReWheel – a completely clean energy source – will help not to throw that other generated energy away.