We Are Testing The Waters For ReWheel – Reusable Energy Wheel – Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. 

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ReWheel Already Owns Two Issued Patents in the US, and one in China,

as well as Pending Patents in Other Most Industrial Countries.

The Kinetic Energy of moving automobile is proportional to Mass and the Second Power of Speed

E  =  k  M V**2

(Everyone remembers the famous formula for the Energy: E=MC**2,    where the C is the speed of light.

In the case of Kinetic Energy of a mass, the V is the speed of the mass)

E = kM x V**2

Not stoping here. No brakes matter was distracted.

The Energy is kept within the system of automobile.



While coming to a stop, you wear down your brakes and waste your energy.


It will need to be regenerated again from scratch to start moving on green light.


Wasting that energy on destruction of brakes matter, resulting in generated heat, instead of transforming it into potential energy, kept within the system of automobile, in order to later transform it back into kinetic energy, is against any logic, as well as offensive to our planet’s health.

ReWheel – Reusable Energy Wheel – using no electricity or fuel to help accelerating your vehicle – a different and more efficient technology of regenerative braking – ReWheel will save on average 28% of energy in a vehicle in city traffic conditions, and therefore reduce the 28% of the corresponding CO2 pollution.  While city traffic is about 60% of all the traffic in US, and higher in those places of the world with less highways, that represents a big portion of the CO2 pollution generated by vehicles.

Together we will join the fight against climate change, save energy, and redefine one of the oldest technologies – the technology of the wheel.

As a side effect of helping our planet, you will make a financial gain.  This technology allows for saving energy within any vehicle, and there are about 2 Billion of them on the road. Saving energy allows spending less at the gas and electrical charging stations.

The general consumers will purchase our devices for those two reasons – (a) to protect our planet and (b) to reduce their spending on transportation.

But most importantly, our efforts will help to sustain livable human creature conditions on the Earth.  We love our children and our grandchildren and the grandchildren they will have, and they need us to act now to protect their future.

We do not want to follow the fate of dinosaurs.  When all human activities will die with humans, the life may return to Earth after it has a chance to reset its climate and cool down, but the humans may not be there any longer.

A natural amount of CO2 is needed not only for the trees producing oxygen, but also to trap some of the heat from the Sun to make our planet habitable.

However too much CO2 brakes the balance, traps too much heat, produces more fires causing additional CO2 ==> more heat ==> more fires ==> less trees consuming CO2 ==> more heat ==> ….. a positive feedback of heat ==>   NOT MORE LIFE ON EARTH.

Positive feedback” is defined in physics as a cause-effect that always ends in explosion – that is when output amplifies input, which amplifies output, and so on.  In that case the explosion will be getting rid of humans – no creature conditions will be there to survive on the Earth.

Fortunately, we are not there yet, and with other technologies “taking a bite out of Climate Change”, we can do our part.

According to the 2021 report form the EPA, about 29% of caused by humans increase in CO2 is generated by the vehicle pollution.  About another 32% is caused by electricity generation power plants.

We all should know by now that EV’s are not “Green” until all the electricity generation is “Green” (Wind, Solar, Ocean).

                       Please see the following link and join this energy saving revolution.

With 2 Billion vehicles on the road, imagine your expected Return On Investment, while doing your part to protect our planet.


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