What we Must Do?  We Must Break the Positive Feedback Of Heat.

– We must have not more CO2 produced than the trees, plants, and other oxygen generating organisms, can consume while regenerating it into oxygen.

That means Carbon-Free Electricity production, Carbon-Free Transportation, Carbon-Free Industries.


See about the “Code Red for HumanityIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

on the page  https://rewheel.us/us-and-the-world



By far the most prevalent Greenhouse effect gas in our atmosphere is CO2.

Increasing its concentration will break the cycle of life by creating a “positive feedback reaction” – an explosion of heat.

Positive feedback is when output amplifies input, which process always results in an explosion. An explosion terminates only when the process has no more input (i.e. when all the atoms that can be divided are divided, or all the black powder in the bullet cartridge has been burned)

Soon it will be too late to stop that reaction   …  We need to cut its input  – man-made CO2 – now.

See below   …

One way of minimizing the effect of transportation on CO2 production is by adopting ReWheel

                                                              – Reusable Energy Wheel.


Reversing the effect of an otherwise Positive Feedback process can be done only by controlling input to that process, i.e. by an introduction of negative feedback.

The only thing on our planet controlling the amount of CO2 is done by photosynthesis – the process where trees and other green plants (and some organisms in the ocean) are creating their food from sunlight, CO2, and water while generating Oxygen (O2) as one of byproducts.

When the ocean and the land will not be able to take any more CO2, all the rest will be concentrating in the atmosphere, trapping more and more heat, creating more and more fires, breaking the negative feedback, and accelerating the positive feedback further and further.

That means that not more CO2 should be produced than the amount which can be consumed by the trees, plants, and other oxygen generating organisms.