The founders of ReWheel

Ben and Roman Shapiro - are two brothers, and engineers from the ex. Soviet Union.

Ben arrived in the United States in 1979, and immediately began the nine year task of trying to free his father and brother Roman from Russia. Their father, by education a philosopher, spoke several languages and English was his favorite. But the struggle to emigrate was not an easy one. He died of a heart attack in 1984 and never made it to America.

Roman was freed from Russia in 1988 only when President Reagan met with president Gorbachev and presented him with a list of 100 separated families of which Roman’s name was included. There was also a colleague letter signed by 33 US senators requesting to free and reunite the Shapiro family

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Since coming to the United States Ben and Roman have authored six U.S. Patents, as well as a significant portfolio of international intellectual property. They have dedicated their careers to the development of meaningful technology in both software and hardware. Their latest innovation is ReWheel, The Reusable Energy Wheel.

Benjamin Shapiro, Founder, President, CEO

Benjamin's education and experience are in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering. In both fields, he was always a strong proponent of not wasting energy - intellectual energy in computing and kinetic energy in automobiles.

His motto applicable to both of these two fields: "wasting energy is wrong".  Furthermore, when it affects our planet's survival, wasting energy is not only illogical, it is also highly irresponsible.

Ben's study in the field of mechanical engineering is from the High Naval Military Engineering Academy , St Petersburg, Russia.  During the "Cold War" when the US was called by the Russian state "the enemy of Russia", Ben opted for the punishment of added service, as a private, in the frigid North Fleet vs. the alternative of becoming a Naval Military Officer.

His study in the field of computer engineering is from Electro-Technical University (LETI), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ben’s experience in the field of computer software is over 27 years - as a computer software programmer, programming consultant, and Founder of Thinking Software, Inc. He is the author of six US patents and number of international patents in the fields of computer engineering and mechanical engineering. He is the Co-Founder of the Software Understanding Machine® (SUM) and ReWheel™ technologies.

Ben is a member of the Advisory Board, of Lifeboat Foundation (

Roman Shapiro, Founder, CTO

Roman Shapiro received his engineering degree from the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP), St. Petersburg, Russia, and the North-West State Technical University (NWTU) St. Petersburg, Russia.

Roman has 20 years of experience in the computing field, which includes his experience as a software programmer, VP of Product Engineering, and then CTO at Thinking Software, Inc.

Roman is responsible for the most technologically advanced functional implementations of Software Understanding Machine® (SUM). He is also a co-author of ReWheel™ technology and is the CTO of ReWheel, Inc.

Abigail Shapiro

VP - Public Relations

Benjamin  (left) at High Naval Cadet Engineering Military Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia

While at the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP), Roman was also climbing mountains

Ben thanking Senator Bill Bradley for helping to bring his brother, Roman, and his family to the US.

This picture was sent to Ben by the Senator's office.

A Colleague Letter from Senator Bradley and Senator Lautenberg was signed by 33 Senators

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Colleague Letter

Letter to President Mikhail Gorbachev

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