The Wheel, Reinvented ™. The Wheel was invented over 5,000 years ago. ............................. Today 2 (two) Billion vehicles operate on world's roads on the same old-kind of wheels - ones being pushed. ................................ ReWheel - Recycled Energy Wheel -REINVENTS a wheel to become a Self Propelled Green Engine.

Unlike conventional wheels, ReWheel converts the existing Kinetic Energy [1] of the vehicle into Potential Energy stored within the ReWheel device. [2]

ReWheel is completely different from regenerative braking technologies that exist today, in that it is implemented completely within the realm of vehicle’s wheel, and therefore requires no addition or change to the rest of the original powertrain.  

ReWheel therefore adds energy saving properties to any vehicle regardless of its source of power, whether it be: Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Electric, Hydrogen, Ammonia, or any other engine power source of the future. 

ReWheel improves fuel economy in cities on average by 28% while reducing carbon emissions by the same 28%.

Due to the increase ReWheel provides in vehicular efficiency, CO2 production is therefore reduced both in the form of carbon emissions (in the case of ICE powered vehicles) as well as reduced in the case of CO2 associated with electricity generation in the case of electric vehicles charged via a central grid. 

In addition to saving on refueling and recharging, the addition of ReWheel prolongs life of the vehicle’s native powertrain and braking system.

ReWheel installation is as easy as replacing a wheel. Rewheel therefore can be implemented not only on newly built vehicles, but also to improve the efficiency of the world’s existing >2Bn vehicles already on the road today.


[1]. Kinetic Energy of a vehicle is proportional to its mass and to the second power of its speed.

[2] The process of conversion of kinetic energy of the vehicle into potential energy causes its deceleration, while the reversal of this process causes the acceleration of the vehicle.

ReWheel is based on the two major principles of physics:

1. The presence of forces resisting against change in energy state of any physical body. This effect is called Inertia, and it provides the mechanism for energy conversion within ReWheel.

2. The Law of Conservation of Energy.